Taking it to the next level

Wow, so hard to believe that 2020 is almost halfway done! I thought back to December 2019 when I was planning the year ahead and oh, how I had so many exciting projects that I was going to bring to fruition. No idea of course about the what’s and the how’s and yet they always become clear early each year for me.

Then, I had a reading done with Sam Livermore. She is simply amazing, by the way, although I didn’t know it at the time. She pulled cards and themes for each month. As we reviewed each month together, I thought to myself: “Really? Well, bloody hell, this sounds like a year of introspection, not accomplishment”. And I had big plans, you know what I mean? And yet in December I started an on-line group called Soul Powered Healing which is basically about finding your inner shaman or medicine woman through medicine walks, meditative journeys and nature activities to promote healing at the soul level. Only $30 per quarter year so fairly inexpensive and it is still active so if you want to join in, just drop me a line or go to Facebook and search the name, pay your fee and get started…..you gain access to many walks and journeys. Not to mention, so many souls of lightness and healing.

Anyway, back to January! The first event in January was a retreat and despite 12 people expressing interest, not a single person signed up! Good thing that my theme for the month of January from Sam was Faith in my Wisdom- Cloak of Wisdom……believe me it was tested! Deeply! and that Cloak was wrapped tightly around me! Nobody was gonna get that damned cloak!

Along came February, the darkest time of year for me but my reading card was The Divine Director – yay! All about intervention and purpose and use of intuition! Well, I was certainly reconsidering my purpose and questioning my intuition and where the heck was this Divine Director intervening on my behalf?

March? COVID arrived! Splendid! My theme card that month? All about protection and moving beyond limitations….alrighty then!!! I was starting to get the idea! Just throw in the towel and call it quits. Threw my hands in the air and asked the sky like “wtf are you asking of me”? Now, anybody who knows me also know that when I do that, I have not given up at all and simply asking for guidance in my own reverent manner…..okay so, perhaps not so reverent. Strangely enough, more client referrals even if most were on line…..as long as i can see them, it works for me. But it was April that was a turning point for me really.

April was guided by Helerion – provider of divine healing telling me to retreat to nature to move from giving and for healing myself. Retreat I did, not for others this time, but just for me. I am so SO glad that I did do that. Thanks Sam! I am a slow learner, I guess. May was all about Choosing to be love; June about inviting miracles in and July has been for following my inner calling and not allowing anything to stop me.

On that note, I am entering August with Mahavatar – Soul Expansion and seeing all as connected! I already get that but I have a feeling, it is going to be at a whole new level! It’s been a very introspective year rather than about accomplishments in the outer world just as Sam’s reading predicted. And I am okay with that! Who is ready to take it to the next level?

Published by jeannijo54

I am a Registered Clinical Counselor specializing in trauma, mental health and addictions and forensics. I also work with people interested in self-development and do energy healing with both animals and people. My retreats all centre around discovering your inner shaman in natural settings to promote both spiritual and human healing experiences.

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