Reflections on 2020

It’s been a very unusual year, hasn’t it? I almost said ‘strange’ except that it felt like an important message was being delivered to us…..ALL of us! A message about values and whether or not we are mouthing them, doubting them or devoting ourselves to the values we say we hold for ourselves and the environment. And what better way to look at this topic than being forced into isolation and aloneness. Just look at the discomfort it has brought to so many to have all these restrictions imposed on them. And yet, a discomfort that could make this beautiful world of ours a better place, if we try to learn what it is teaching us. About ourselves, about what we are doing to our Mother Earth and all of her creatures, not to mention this Universe. It is time to wake up to see our self-destructive behaviours, not just to our physical environment but to the planet which supports our life here.

So, ask yourself what you have learned this year. What did you learn about yourself and your values that you liked and appreciated? What did you learn about yourself and your values that disappointed you? What do you wish you had done differently in your relationships with others, your relationship with yourself, your relationship with your community, your relationship to nature, your relationship to Mother Earth, your relationship to One Spirit or God or Universe or whatever you call That? Start thinking about this and writing down how you can change your relationships with your behaviour and truly put your money to the values you say you hold dear. Share them with your family, and friends, share them in here. When we share them, we are more likely to live them in a way that changes the direction in which we are heading. It is never to late to change and never too late to commit!

Published by jeannijo54

I am a Registered Clinical Counselor specializing in trauma, mental health and addictions and forensics. I also work with people interested in self-development and do energy healing with both animals and people. My retreats all centre around discovering your inner shaman in natural settings to promote both spiritual and human healing experiences.

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